The SMSS Preschool Section held their second Sparkle Stage Time event, the Hari Raya
Aidilfitri Celebration, on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023. The entire school was immersed in
a festive atmosphere as teachers, parents, and students arrived dressed in fashionable
Hari Raya outfits. They also brought generous packs of food to share with their
classmates and take home.

The highly anticipated program brought everyone together and added to the enjoyment
of the festivities. The air was filled with loud claps, cheers, and laughter as the selected
students and teachers presented fun games and wonderful performances. The event was
a hit not only with the attendees from the preschool section but also with the invited guests from different sections.

Overall, it was a memorable and delightful celebration that left a lasting impression on
everyone involved.