To capture the true essence of ‘Hari Raya,’ the ‘Sarjana’ family transformed the primary campus into a vibrant and joyful celebration on May 18th, 2023. Alongside the Sparkle Stage event, the atmosphere was filled with prayers, positivity, merriment, and lively performances.

The festivities commenced with a soulful recitation of the DOA. To set the tone and mood of the event, the audience was then treated to a series of captivating performances that thoroughly entertained them. Adding depth and meaning to the celebration, selected students enacted a role play that beautifully portrayed the excitement and anticipation of this most looked forward to event of the religious celebration of the year.

To further ignite the spirit of the occasion, talented students took the stage and delivered their best renditions of Hari Raya songs, encouraging active participation from fellow students. A particularly awe-inspiring moment arrived when the female non-Muslim teachers showcased their ability to wear the ‘Tudung’ headscarf with elegance, while the male teachers engaged in a thrilling ‘Penyaram’ eating competition with a ‘twist’.
The energy reached its peak when the best-dressed students proudly strutted across the stage, captivating the audience with their style and creativity.

Furthermore, the celebration included ‘open class’ visits, where everyone had the opportunity to explore various classrooms. As a delightful treat, attendees were offered an array of refreshing drinks, packed food, and delectable local delicacies, leaving everyone’s taste buds satisfied.

Truly, this highly anticipated event once again exemplified the spirit of togetherness,
righteousness, and acts of kindness that Hari Raya represents.

Selamat Hari Raya!