In response to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education regarding the continuation of learning amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, our school has embraced the Home-Based Learning Programme to ensure the health and safety of our students.

Since its implementation in March 2020, the academic teams across sections with the support of the IT Department under Sarjana Education Group, have undergone intensive training in the aim to implement various platforms that would significantly support the much arising need for continuous online learning. As a result, the school has finally taken the opportunity to introduce the use of SeeSaw which is pre-requisite for IEYC evidence-based checkpoint or assessment procedure. This has been made official to enable parents to utilise creative tools to capture photos and videos of their child’s home learning in a portfolio. Through the platform, teachers could also share the latest announcements and activities for the students to do at home. Teachers would check in with parents to boost their moral and motivation as well as to monitor the progress of their students.

Each week, the Home-Based Learning Modules would be uploaded and can be viewed from the links broadcasted on the official school Whatsapp account.

The lesson procedure in every area of learning has been made detailed and easy to follow providing helpful links, suggested timetable for a well organised home supervision and powerpoint tool support to help ensure that optimal learning takes place. Subsequently, the teachers have successfully provided pre-recorded instructional videos that absolutely appealed to the children the most.

Despite apparent challenges in this critical time, our children seemed to be enjoying their learning and time away from the school. The photos sent by our parents of their children’s great work are a testament of the substantial support they are receiving from home. It is phenomenal to see our students engage in a well-rounded form of learning adventure.

We recognise that home learning could seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, nevertheless, it is in our fervent aim to fulfil the gradual transitional process on a different level to meet the global educational requirement.  

For that, we commend the effort of our children and parents in adapting to the new learning routine especially in the face of challenges!