Although school remains closed for the remainder of this school term, normal procedure and the aim to provide continuous learning and services to students and parents upholds.  In the effort of the school to reflect and check on the progress of our students, the very first virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting was initiated on 27th April until 1st May 2020. Despite their busy schedules, many parents graciously took the time to meet with their child’s respective teachers through a teleconference or virtual conference via Zoom or Skype. This initiative provided parents with an avenue to communicate their concerns and feedback on the efficacy of Home-Based Learning.

Parents noted that the guidelines and modules provided were easy to follow and that the students very much enjoyed the pre-recorded lessons prepared by the respective teachers of different levels. Excitement was also shown on the children’s faces when they saw their teachers’ faces during the conference.

Despite the formidable challenges, our parents and students are slowly getting more accustomed to online learning. The current transformational shift has forced the speed of adoption of online learning and the realisation of the great importance of incorporating them to establish ongoing parent-teacher communication moving forward. The current crisis also presents the perfect opportunity to hone our technological skills. The more familiar we are with online learning, the better equipped we would be to continue learning during the eventual need of implementation.

It has also been raised that provision of learning through online platforms continues if the need for home-based learning arises.