Excitement and anticipation permeated the primary section as the commencement of a new academic year unfolded with a series of dynamic ice-breaking sessions on January 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th. These sessions were designed to establish connections among students, enhance communication skills, and cultivate a positive atmosphere for the upcoming school year.
Laughter resonated throughout the surroundings as students engaged in entertaining activities, including poster-making using only one marker pen tied with a few strings, constructing pyramids, playing Chinese whispers, and various other interactive games. These activities not only challenged the students’ leadership and critical thinking skills but also provided a recap of their academic subjects. These engaging games set the stage for subsequent days filled with shared experiences and the formation of newfound friendships.
The orientation day, brimming with enjoyment, not only successfully welcomed back the students but also fostered a sense of belonging and community. Additionally, it introduced them to the practical aspects of being part of the ‘Sarjana’ family.