Happy IPC days are here again!

This past week, Year 1, 2 and 3 students had their Entry Point activities for each of the IPC unit they are exploring. For ‘Water World’ entry point, Year 1 students were able to experience washing cars, learn the proper way of brushing teeth, washing of hands, and were also able to catch fish on their own. Twenty (26) parent-volunteers showed up and extended help in making the activities enjoyable, fun and exciting for the little ones.

Meanwhile, Year 2 students, with their unit about ‘Food’, were able to be made aware if the food/drink that they consume on a regular basis is healthy or not. This activity aimed at making students more mindful about what they eat or drink.

For the ‘Toys and Games’ unit of year 3, students were able to share in class their favourite toy or game to play. They were also able to bring their toys to school and were given time play with them together with their classmates and friends. The aim of this activity is to make students more confident communicators through public speaking and sharing sessions among their classmates.

It was indeed a fruitful and fun week in school for these little explorers.