To kickstart the school year, preschool teachers attended the Brunei Literacy National Standards Workshop facilitated by Academic Supervisors Arlene Toquero, Eufemia Quinto and Marian Timbreza-Lim. The Brunei Darussalam Literacy Standards is a benchmark for all schools implementing the SPN21 national curriculum to ensure that most students are able to achieve the national expectation levels of competency in literacy by the end of each school year.

In the session, teachers had the opportunity to be introduced to the targeted level for each year, and gain insights into the three strands for literacy: Oracy, Reading, and Writing. Teachers were also introduced to the skills needed to implement each standard through utilising the Teacher and Student MATS.

To maximise their learning experience, teachers engaged in a series of enrichment activities where they actively collaborated amongst their members to practice their skills and explore how they align with the Brunei Literacy National Standards.