K1 The Brilliant Bug Ball unit

It’s raining bugs in school!

It was indeed a brilliant day when the K1 level had their IEYC Brilliant Bug Ball unit. From the entry point up to the exit point activity, the youngest members of the Sarjana family were treated to lots of creepy, crawly, and fun-filled activities related to the world of bugs. Parents gamely created their child’s bug costume from scratch and it was such a feast for the eyes to see all the colourful and cute bugs walking around the halls of preschool Sarjana. For the exit point activity, K1 families were invited to a bug feast in school and participated in games prepared by the K1 teachers. A face painting booth was also set-up to accommodate children who were very eager to look more like their favourite bug. A feast of scrumptious meals and drinks were shared by everyone after the brief programme. Thus, everyone went home with their tummies and hearts full!