Pizza Making

The Pastamania at Freshco Building, Atrium Ground became the perfect learning spot for the 36 ‘Sarjanian’ aspiring chefs when they delightfully topped their own pizzas in a Pizza Making venture on Friday, 17th August 2018.

Prior to the main event, the Pastamania chefs and crew warmly welcomed the kids and their mentors through an inspiring welcome address and a fun-filled warm-up exercise. The students held their excitement when the chef gladly demonstrated the step-by-step process in pizza topping. The kids got more thrilled on discovering how things work.

Turning the pizza house into their classroom, the aspiring chefs had a unique learning experience of putting their hands and hearts in topping their pizzas. Learning continued as they creatively combined the stuff that would make their pizza pleasing and delicious. Furthermore, the occasional conversation while indulging themselves into this hands-on endeavour was absolutely a great opportunity to enhance the much needed social skill.

Apart from the main ingredients, the mini chefs added patience and passion in their pizza making and surprisingly they made it successfully. As the event drew to its end, the students enjoyed digging in the nice smell and delicious taste of the fruits of their labour.

The two-hour field trip to Pastamania has once again achieved its goal of making kids work accurately with independence. It further proved that there are a number of ways that we can teach the students apart from mentoring them in the classroom.