For K2’s Dinosaur Detectives Entry Point, their teachers have sent some home activities for the parents to do with their children as part of their Home-Based Learning. Prior to the start of the week, parents were encouraged to create in their own homes an area or corner dedicated for the theme.

The theme started with a storytelling session at home with a book by Paul and Henrietta Stickland titled Dinosaur Roar. Some parents had even printed these out and included it in their corner.

The children also had the opportunity to make a mask of their favourite dinosaur using only recycled materials. They were also sent a DIY dinosaur footprint made from salt dough so parents could hide in their garden for their child to find. In their explorer’s outfit and armed with a magnifying glass, our children went outdoors to go on an adventure.

The final activity included a Mystery Puzzle Package. To further increase the motivation of students in their school work, the Mystery Puzzle Package was divided into two sets and were sent to parents in two batches. The first set included only the puzzle base along with a few puzzle pieces of the rump side of the dinosaur, so the children can make some guesses of what dinosaur it is. The second set were the rest of the puzzle pieces for the children to complete. The successful completion of the puzzle became the reward of the students.

We have received many excellent feedbacks from our parents. They sent us photos of their set-up at home, of their children being explorers and finding the footprints, while making theirs masks and while working on their puzzles.