In the effort to acquaint the parents of the Cemerlang classes with the school policies and to establish connection with the partners in learning, Seri Mulia Sarjana held an acquaintance session dubbed ‘Let’s have Coffee’ on 1st February for Year 6 Cemerlang and 22nd February for Year 4 and 5 Cemerlang respectively.

The parents were treated to an afternoon delight over cups of coffee and an array of sumptuous delicacies. The treat blended well with emotion when the Year 4 Cemerlang students serenaded their parents with their song ‘The Perfect Fan’ while giving them their personally made flowers as their token of appreciation. The Year 5 Cemerlang class on the otherhand conveyed their message of love through poems. Bonding continued with a fun game.

Meanwhile, the Year 6 Cemerlang students entertained their parents with their soulful rendition of the song ‘Thanks to You’. The heartfelt messages scribbled in their hand–made cards melt away their parents’ emotions, thus brought them to tears. The one-hour session turned into a meaningful family time as respect for parents was evidently manifested in the ways the students  honoured, served and expressed gratitude to their parents.

‘Let’s Have Coffee’ brought out the best in both families and school. It likewise solidified the statement that a strong home-school connection will set the stage for a child who will grow up with a love for learning.