Fueled by enthusiasm on making a difference on the lives of the students under their care, thirty mentors invested their time in attending a professional development Classroom Management (Education Pedagogy) held on Friday, 5th April 2019 at the Primary Section, SMSS.

Great vibes and energy filled the room as the activities on classroom rules and floor plan went on. Great teamwork and fun on the other hand were demonstrated during the sharing on strategies of effective classroom management. Positive mood heightened when the participants reflected and generously shared experiences relevant to the characteristics of an effective teacher.

Truly, there is no better way to concretise the statement that learning is a never-ending process. Thus, the said professional development on classroom management nevertheless provided a great opportunity for the mentors to better their craft, figure out what’s best for each of the learners and above all make learning fun and enjoyable.

Hats off to the facilitators and the participants for putting emphasis that classroom management is truly a core ingredient of effective teaching. It is indeed wonderful that students will surely enjoy the result of every skill they gained in that informative and confidence booster professional development. After all, it is the students’ successes that make teaching the noblest profession.