A good education institution believes in the importance of involving parents in each child’s learning journey. As the school’s number one stakeholders, we value the trust, support, and cooperation that they give to achieve the mission and vision of the school for a holistic learning experience of all Sarjanians.

As a way to involve parents and provide support, the preschool section has initiated a workshop for parents that will help them understand the Jolly Phonics Reading Program and equip them with the necessary skills enabling them to support their child’s learning at home. Held on the 8th of February from 9:00am to 11:00am, with almost a hundred parents from across three levels, this teacher-led awareness workshop proved to be a success as parents learned about the five basic skills of Jolly Phonics including the variety of techniques in teaching the letter sounds, blending, and tricky words. Moreover, through video presentations, parents were also given a glimpse of how the students learn about blending CVC words and being familiar with tricky words. For some element of fun, parents willingly participated in the games which assessed their level of understanding of the contents of the workshop.