The health and safety of all members of the Sarjana family has always been the top priority of the school. Hence, fire drills across sections are consistently held all throughout the school year. Doing so would help avoid major casualties and increase fire safety awareness among students, teachers, and staff.


The preschool section held its very first fire drill for this school year second week of February. Days before the unannounced fire drill, the head fire marshall of the preschool section, Teacher Nadzirah Binti Akup,  conducted a short briefing among the preschool students and teachers to explain about what happens during a fire drill. The children were made to listen and be familiar of the sound of the school’s fire alarm. Exit points for each class were also shown. Dos and Donts during an actual fire were also discussed to help everyone be aware of the safety precautions.


Teachers and staff assigned as fire marshalls and first aiders were introduced to all. They are the following:


Head Fire Marshall: Nadzirah Binti Akup


Fire Marshall 2018:

  1. Siti Nurhamizah ‘Izzati Binti Haji Abahat
  2. Noraini Binti Abdullah
  3. Dk Nur Aqilah Binti Pg Abdul Hamid
  4. Hjh Nurul Amal Akmalina Binti Haji Talip
  5. Siti Nor Krisna Binti Redzuan


First  Aider 2018:

  1. Mary May Rojo
  2. Jabaidah Binti Haji Isa
  3. Yasmeen Zahirah Binti Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Salam



With all these in mind, both teachers and students had an alert mind and body during the fire drill which made it a success! The morning session had a total of 2 minutes 45 seconds while the afternoon got 2 minutes 35 seconds. The school hopes to have the same positive result in the next fire drills. This will prove the 100 percent preparedness of the whole school community in case of fire.