The first two weeks of K1 has always been very challenging for teachers, students, and parents. This is the so-called ‘crying season’ wherein first-time schoolers come to school crying and clinging to their parents, afraid of being in a new environment with so many new faces. The primary focus for the teachers during these weeks is to help the children settle comfortably in class and be familiar with classroom rules and routines. Of course it also involves a lot of play and hands-on activities to help develop the fine and gross motor skills.


After triumphantly overcoming their first big challenge of settling in school, the youngest and cutest members of the Sarjana family successfully held their first Entry Point activity in the IEYC unit ‘This Is Me’. With the objective of helping the children be creatively familiar of their body parts, they all came to school wearing a skeleton costume. Some were bought from the stores but most were lovingly and painstakingly made by parents at home. Halloween came early for the school as it fills up with cute little skeletons on this day. The K1 students had loads of fun singing and dancing the Skeleton Dance and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes at the hall. They also made a self-portrait with help from a friend, coloured their names, and did scribbling and doodling as a pre-writing activity.


Surely an awesome way to start a unit and a wonderful feat for our developing Sarjanians!