Moving forward to greater opportunities of providing a holistic quality education to its students, SMSS has always been opening its doors to other members of the education sector both local and international for a collaborative sharing of curriculum, teaching methodology, and best practices in school. In fact, just this year alone, SMSS had been visited numerous times already by students and teachers alike from other education institution to learn more about what the school offers to its stakeholders. This time around, delegates from the University of the Philippines, together with some UBD representatives, have chosen to include SMSS and SMSIS in their visit to Brunei as part of the Asia Pacific conference on curriculum studies and designing. Gracing the event was the ambassador of the Philippines to Brunei Darussalam, His Excellency Christopher B. Montero, CEO and founder of Sarjana Education Group, (Dr.) Mary Lim, COO of Sarjana Education Group, Leonard Lim, Cultural Attache of the Philippine Embassy, Rose Cornista, and principals of SMSS and SMSIS. The said visit comprised primarily of classroom teaching and learning observations as an avenue to get the big picture of how both SMSS and SMIS take on a holistic approach on education while adapting international curriculum as a springboard of the teaching and learning process. The full-day schedule included a visit to SMSIS and all sections of SMSS; preschool, primary, and secondary sections. Highlighting the visit was the welcoming programme held at the preschool hall with speeches coming from the Philippine ambassador and the school’s CEO. A video documentary has shown the guests a brief history of the school’s journey from its humble beginnings towards it flourishing years. Furthermore, admirable performances from students and teachers gave everyone a taste of the rich and diverse Philippine culture and traditions. An occurrence such as this is only one of more collaborations the school will take part of with other education institutions as a way of building a bigger Sarjana family worldwide.