The Sarjana family has once again marked the perfect reason of expressing gratitude and devotion to one’s faith through merriment, prayer, singing and dancing in a joyous celebration of Hari Raya held on Thursday, 20th June 2019.

Clad in stunning ‘Baju Melayu’, the teachers, staff and students filled the campus with vibrant and positive aura to fully convey the real essence of one of the most awaited times of the year. The DOA that paid tribute to the source of abundance and blessings, commenced the programme. To enliven the celebration, students and teachers put their hearts and souls in singing the songs that significantly projected the relevance of the festival of thanksgiving. To heighten the mood, selected teachers came up the stage and competitively indulged in the ‘Satay’ Eating Contest. Merriment continued as mentors and students alike enjoyed the rhythmic movement of a Hari Raya tune. Indeed, the celebration served as the venue to foster friendship, bonding and togetherness.

Growing deeper in faith, the Sarjana family aligned the event with love and care to the less fortunate. The unveiling of the Eco – Run logo was held as it was the very right time to concretize the highest form of act of kindness that is extending charity to the needy. The Eco-Run, an event happening in September is for the benefit of Pusat Ehsan. The audience felt a great sense of love for the environment when the 3R’s namely REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE were highlighted in the costume competition. Donning the creatively designed costumes made of recyclable materials, the contestants ramped on stage with pride and confidence.

The occasion ended with ‘open classrooms’ where everyone was ushered to partake and feast on an array of delightful traditional dishes. The ‘Sarjana’ family hopped from one classroom to the other spreading with sincerity and integrity the hallmark of this ‘BLESSED FESTIVAL’!