An inviting and warm atmosphere welcomed the 23 delegates from Corporation Primary School of Singapore, comprising 19 students and 4 teachers, during their two-day- visit to Seri Mulia Sarjana School on 26-27 June 2019.

The visiting students and the ‘Sarjana’ student leaders turned into a unified group when team building activities were strategically conducted upon arrival of the delegates. Apart from serving as an ice breaker, the team building led both the ‘Sarjanians’ and the Singaporeans to a greater sense of belongingness, friendship and camaraderie. The unique culture of charm was evidently projected when the student leaders ushered their Singaporean buddies to their respective classroom assignments.

Part of the visit was the witnessing of how a normal day in SMSS be like. The visiting students were immersed and were given the chance to sit in classes, participate in class discussions, involved in group dynamics and CCAs and enjoyed Seri Mulia’s best practices. Furthermore, teachers of both CPS and SMSS convened for sharing of best practices across academe.

A showcase of talents was highlighted through performances in a closing programme held on the second day of the said immersion programme. SMSS and CPS students entertained the audience with their songs and dances. The Singaporean students bade farewell through a dance number. An exchanging of souvenirs between the two schools concluded the event.