Garbed in tourist clothes, SMSS Primary Year 3 students were seen pulling their own luggage as they entered the school premises on Wednesday, 2nd June. Their faces showed sheer excitement and anticipation for their MLJ Big Picture activity entitled ‘Ready to Travel’. On this day, every student geared oneself up to gain the first-hand experience in checking into airports and boarding an aircraft for a mock flight to various travel destinations like Boracay, Toronto, Cairo, Cape Town, London, and Honolulu. The activity’s aim was to familiarise the students with the essentials needed when traveling abroad and the rules/etiquette in airports and aircraft. 

To make the activity even more momentous, a team of 47 cabin crews from Royal Brunei Airlines, all wearing a complete uniform, came to supervise the entire airport process including the verification of passport and plane ticket, weighing and labeling of luggage, issuance of boarding pass, until boarding into the classrooms-turned-aircraft cabins. Bon Voyage!