Kindergarten 2 students had a superhero-themed party to celebrate the end of the IEYC Unit ‘To the Rescue’. In this unit, our students learnt about the superheroes around us, and how they use their special powers to help others in need. Our students came to school dressed as their favourite superhero and imagined the extraordinary power they would use to helpthemselves and the people around them.

The celebration began with a video presentation that summarised the students’ learning
journey throughout this unit. Afterwards, they participated in a Superheroes Zumba session where they used their physical strength and prowess to fight off imaginary enemies with strikes.

In addition, our students took part in a number of fun games, including Guess that Sound,
Freeze Dance, Musical Chair, and memory and puzzle games. At the end of the party, they
captured memorable photos in their superhero costumes, which they will cherish for years to come.