New and returning students, filled with excitement as they walked the familiar grounds of SMSS, were warmly welcomed as School Year 2021 opened during the first week of January.  

To ensure the safety of the students, all the standard and more stringent health procedures were observed. Everyone had undergone thermal screening and hand sanitizing upon entrance to the school. These sets of procedures do not only show how we strictly follow health protocol but it also demonstrates students’ awareness on COVID -19 and how it has become part of their new normal lives.Their respective class teachers reinforced messages about social distancing and hand-washing, while the school staff and students are still encouraged to wear masks in school and abide by personal hygiene measures. 

Now that the Academic Year 2021 has formally started, Team ‘Sarjana’ welcomes the students with high hopes that their desires to learn would be stronger than the fear brought about by the pandemic. 

We all look forward to a safe and wonderful school year 2021.