Thirty-nine (39) campus leaders accepted the challenge of undergoing an initiated leadership training held on Friday, 2nd February 2018 led by the Student Discipline and Counseling Unit (SDCU). The said workshop aimed at developing a range of leadership skills and abilities such as teamwork and effective leadership, change, conflict management and motivation.


To realise the objectives, the participants faced tough challenges focusing on the R.I.G.H.T. values of SMSS that stands for ‘Respect, Initiative, Global Responsibility, Honour and Teamwrok’. The said activities include a session that set the participants’ mood by naming the team members in ‘My name your name.’ The chain race on the other hand tested their instruction skills, teamwork and communication. ‘The Ball pass’ challenged the leaders’ ability to work with people with different abilities and behaviours.


The leadership training concluded with a presentation where participants shared their insights, realisations, knowledge learned and experiences gained from the seminar. Active participation shown by the student leaders gauged the success of the said event. Truly these leaders deserve their induction to their respective posts to be done soon.


Forge ahead, SMSS Leaders!