BAT Business, Art and Technology Festival 2018

One of the goals of Business and Technology Department is to boost the interest of the students in the areas of Business, Finance and Technology through first-hand experience and practical learning.

On Saturday, 5th May 2018, the department held a mini BAT Festival that showcased the Year 7 artworks.  The Year 8 students on the other hand, did business during that day.  Before the business fair, the students did a market research and business plans from January up to April 2018.  This business fair was one of their practicals.

The event was visited by the officers from the Curriculum Development Department namely  Dyg Hjh Marzidah binti Hj Majid -Education Officer Special Project Unit, Dyg Razana binti Hj Johari -Curriculum Officer, Dyg Halimahtun Saadiah binti PDISMJ(B)DPS Hj Sulaiman – Education Officer Entrepreneurship and Business Unit, Dyg Hjh Nor Emha binti Hj Mohd Thani Education Officer Entrepreneurship and Business Unit and Dyg Nazeerah binti Awg Hj Johan Ariffin – Education Officer Entrepreneurship and Business Unit.