Birthdays only happen once a year that’s why most people, especially children, always look forward to celebrating it with friends and families. Birthdays for children mean having a special cake for the occasion, party bags, balloons, fun games, and lots and lots of delicious foods and treats.


The K1 level at preschool Sarjana held a big birthday party for all students in celebration of the culmination of their first IEYC unit, This Is Me. On this day, the youngest members of the Sarjana family wore their party dresses to school and experienced a one-of-a-kind birthday party celebration with their friends and teachers. Each brought a small cake with candle as they sing a happy birthday song with friends, and together, blew their candles as if it’s really their birthday. They also got to play fun party games and received special prizes. Through this activity, the children had a first-hand experience of understanding what birthday means and why it is being celebrated by most people all over the world.