Another exciting week is upon us as we welcome our dinosaur detectives back to school to take on more learning. It was a tough drop off for some of our parents as they are still understandably anxious about sending their kids for face-to-face learning. Although filled with confusion at first as some students, to observe social distancing, had to be separated in a different class away from some of their peers, our teachers were delighted to see how well our children are adjusting to the new environment. We could tell that most of them are glad to be back. As soon as they saw their teachers, they eagerly filled their teachers in with details of their home learning experiences.

This week, as they are adjusting to school, our K2 children would be completing their work to bring them back up to speed and preparing for the continuation of assessment which was put to a halt when the nationwide school closure was announced back in March. Once again, our school is bursting at the seams with learning opportunities. We are glad that the three months being away did not dampen their spirit and curiousity for learning. For the rest of the week, they would be continuing their learning through Home-Based Learning.

Among some of the routine changes at school to improve hygiene measures include frequent handwashing and sanitisation of learning surfaces, as well as staggering dismissal time for different levels. The latter decision was made to ensure smooth traffic flow and minimise the time that our children are together in a confined space.

We recognise that learning can happen anywhere. However, it is undeniable that with distance, comes many restrictions. We hope that the situation will improve soon, so that our children could once again enjoy learning and socialising with their friends without limitations. In the meantime, we look forward to implementing ways to maximise learning opportunities that best cater to our children amidst the restrictions.