Our K3 students are back! As Brunei enters the second phase of school reopening, the preschool section of SMSS has opened its door to welcome our K3 back for face-to-face learning on Thursday, 18th June 2020. We are truly delighted to have our students back to school, learning in the real classroom setting and with safety procedures in place. The students were quiet at first as they get themselves accustomed to the new norm, but were able to adjust as the lessons went on.

Amongst the school’s efforts to ensure the safety of students is implementing staggered schedules to avoid overcrowding in school, seating the children one metre apart, and regular health screening. Students are also required to wear facemasks to school. The current phase of schooling will only require each student to attend school twice in a week for face to face classes, while on the remaining days of the week, they would be guided through the use of the school’s home-based learning programme.

Meanwhile, students of K1 and K2 will resume their schooling on Monday, 22nd June 2020.