K3 Exit Point Activity, Once Upon A Time unit

It was truly a magical and special day for all K3 students and teachers as they culminated their IEYC unit, Once Upon A Time, with a grand ballroom party! The preschool hall was transformed into a ballroom of a beautiful castle complete with magical lights, a Cinderella carriage, flowers, and lots of shiny and sparkling things around. Garbed in their regal prince and princess costumes, the children had a grand entrance going to the hall and each class performed a dance to the music of some of the famous classical fairy tale movies. A photo booth was also set up to capture each child’s magical moment on this day. The Prince and Princess of the Ball were chosen from each class and were awarded a special sash. The magical experience ended with the whole level doing a finale dance to the tune of “Be Our Guest” from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.