To create an effective learning environment, to improve teaching-learning situations and to keep updated on modern instructional methodologies, SMSS mentors go beyond their call of duty and back up the textbooks with practical experiences by embarking on seminars related to their subject areas.


Physical Education teachers are not exempted in upgrading their crafts to get into the core of effective teaching. Michael John Mugas Quinto together with the Physical Education mentors and sports trainers from all over the country embarked on a seminar workshop on Dynamic Stretching, warm-up and cool-down held at Sekolah Sukan, Kg Pulaie on 3rd February 2018. The event, facilitated by IM. Ranasinge, the Head Coach, strength and conditioning of Royal Brunei Armed Forces, included theories, lectures, open forum, demonstrations and practical applications.


Meanwhile, with the increase in knowledge, the mentor will surely inspire the students by applying new insights in his lesson. The students therefore, as the end user, will remain relevant, up to date and holistic learners