The month of February was filled with festivities with the celebration of the Chinese New Year and the country’s 34th National Day.  These events have always been anticipated and celebrated by schools in the most fun and creative way.

As part of the school’s yearly tradition, the preschool section had its fair share of recognizing the importance of these events through the celebration of the first free day. On the 27th February, preschool teachers and students came to school garbed in their stylish traditional national or Chinese costumes. A Best in Costume award was given to selected students wearing their attire with much elegance and confidence. Creating shrieks of excitement from everyone, the Lion dance and Chinese drums presentations by the Sarjana Lion Dance Troupe were the highlights of the day. The dance troupe visited each classroom to bring a wonderful experience to all students about traditional CNY celebration. Aside from this, pride and patriotism to the country were strongly inculcated to the young ones during the singing of the Brunei national anthem and flag waving activity. It gave the students a sense of pride as they waved their self-made flags recognizing its colours and symbols. Bearing in mind the importance of youth empowerment in bringing the nation forward towards meaningful progress, the school, through this free day event, gave opportunities to our youngest Sarjanians to develop their independence, confidence, and communication skills. Truly a free day worth celebrating and remembering!