On 23rd to 29th April 2018, four SMSS Primary teachers were among forty-five language teachers of Arabic, Malay and Mandarin in Brunei attended the workshop on SEAQIL Goes To Schools: Compilation of Language Teaching Techniques at the conference hall of Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam. The said workshop was conducted by the SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Language (Centre) aiming to supports language teachers to create enjoyable learning and sustainable students’ learning motivation. One of its efforts is that the Centre to publish a book entitled SEAMEO: Language Teaching Techniques in Southeast Asia. For this reason, the Centre collaborates with the Ministry of Education in Southeast Asian countries to conduct SEAQIL Goes to Schools (SGTS) programme. In the programme, language teachers are expected to write drafts of language teaching techniques in the target language.


Centre visits Brunei Darussalam and targets 45 language teachers of Arabic, Malay as well as Mandarin to participate in the activity. In addition to gathering language teaching techniques from the teachers, the Centre’s representatives will also had the chance to visit four schools, namely (1) Maktab Sains Paduka Sri Begawan, (2) Chung Hwa Middle School, (3) Sekolah Ugama Arab Menengah Perempuan Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit, (4) Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sharif Ali and (5) Sekolah Al-Falah. In the schools, they will observe language teaching and learning process in Brunei Darussalam schools first hand.


The programme, involves language experts from the host country, Brunei Darussalam (Dr Hajah Suraya binti Haji Tarasat, Ahmad Busyra Bin haji Matzain, Mohd Idres Bin Awg Metussin, Kenny Lim Chin Aik, Kwan Fuin San) and from Indonesia (Ms Shantie Srie Widowatie, Ms Esra Nelvi Siagian, Ms E Nilla Pramowardhanny, Ms Hasanatul Hamidah).