Festive mood, ‘Ketupat’ and colourfully decorated venues, prayers, singing, dancing, food, smartly and neatly attired ‘Sarjanians’, smiles, close ties and friendship were among the best things featured in SMSS Hari Raya Celebration on the 10th, 12th and 14th July 2018 at the Preschool, Primary and Secondary sections respectively.

With the aim of promoting love and appreciation for one of the country’s rich traditions, the second free day at preschool focused on how to instill to our young Sarjanians the importance of staying true and being proud of one’s genuine nationality. Lovely garments of Baju Kurung and Cara Melayu were worn by all students, teachers, and staff.

The Preschool’s programme showcased a song performance by the K1 teachers, a game on how to wear the kain sarong participated by K2 teachers, a popia-making contest among K3 teachers, and a short drama presentation with a dance performance by selected K3 students. Ang pows were given to those students who participated in the programme as a token for recognizing their contributions and efforts in making the celebration a big success. Afterwards, everyone continued the festivities in their respective classrooms by doing the usual Hari Raya open house where everyone got to share and partake of the food and drinks.


The event commenced with the recitation of the DOA led by Muhammad Azizan Bin Haji Jumat. To further enliven the celebration, selected students rendered their best versions of Hari Raya songs which ignited students’ participation. To add meaning to the celebration, a role play featuring the true essence of Hari Raya particularly on fostering close ties, was staged by selected students.

The audience were then entertained when the male teachers dominated the stage flaunting their best ‘Cara Melayu’ and ‘sinjang’ in the best dressed competition – teacher category. The mood further heightened when the best dressed students’ names were announced. Equally awesome and entertaining part of the programme was the parade of elegantly dressed female teachers and staff. The crowd was mesmerized by the dazzling details of the ‘Baju Kurung’ and ‘tudung’ donned in the best dressed competition female staff category. Likewise, the ‘tudung’ wearing contest for non-Muslim female teachers highlighted the programme.

The occasion wouldn’t be complete without bringing the spirit of togetherness through ‘open class’ visits where everyone was treated to an array of drinks and sumptuous local delicacies. Topping the classroom visit was not the food and drinks on the table but the warm atmosphere and the gestures of loving and caring.



An array of cultural activities began at 9a.m and the entire school was filled with cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere. The first programme was a choral-speaking performance with the theme ‘A Wonderful Abode Ahead’, enacted by a group of gifted students who became champions in the recently held National Speech Choir Competition.

The audience also witnessed a ‘Sinjang Competition’ for male teachers and it was followed up by a ‘Best Dressed Competition’ for the female teachers. As with every Hari Raya celebration, the singing raya songs was necessary to brighten up the mood even more. The highlight of the day was the ‘best dressed competition’ for both male and female students for lower secondary and upper secondary levels, where the students saw potential fashion icons in the near future! Moreover, a group of talented students from the Drama and Theatre Club acted their very own skit performance with the theme ‘Balik Hari Raya’, which certainly caught the eye of everyone present at the time, due to its brilliant acting!

Following the amazing performances and competitions, a surprise Hari Raya song was sung by secondary teachers, which definitely portrayed the remarkable chemistry they have with each other, which left students absolutely amazed! Last but not least, the day was concluded with an awarding of the top 3 winners in all the competitions, which was graced by secondary section principal Cikgu Gazala.

For ‘Sarjanians’, Hari Raya is not just an occasion to celebrate but a sign of true devotion to one’s faith. It’s not just a day of merriment but a long-lasting path of righteousness and act of kindness. Truly, there is no better way of making Raya festivities more meaningful than celebrating it with heart and soul.  That was how this year’s Hari Raya festivities were celebrated in the ‘Sarjana’ way!